Monday, 13 January 2014

Nicole Reddington

Nicole also known as little Nicky is a jazz dancer and was the best out there and she danced along with the biggest stars and the best Broadway shows, The guys where lining up around the block for Nicole, she could just about pick anyone to be on her arm and get them to do just about everything for her, After her shows she would let of steam in the local bars with a few of her dance crew and sing along with the piano, This woman is free with the wind and lives for the moment. But when she met her former Husband Frank her life changed a little, she was no longer doing as many shows and she wasnt allowed other men cuing up at her door!! she learnt who Frank really was and though it didnt bother her, it put her in the spot light, One night she kissed Frank goodnight and went on her way to her backstage door in time for her show when a dark figure came up assaulted her and mugged her, she blamed Frank for this as the mugger whispered in her ear "tell frank i said Hello will you doll?!" wasn't so much of a request more of a threat. 
Frank sorted out this guy and spoke nothing of what he did but told Nicole "we have to leave" also stated to Nicole she couldn't take a thing and she will have to forget her friends and family. 
Frank pushed her into a black cab along with one his men, Nicole asked where frank was going, he told her that he must go in another cab but he will meet her in Roaring Heights, This will be a fresh start for both of them, she will still become the star she wanted to be and he will still have his contacts.....meaning he hasn't really left his old life behind, Nicole loves Roaring Heights but its becoming a mission to love this man 


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