Friday, 28 February 2014


Tugger Williams

Born in game offspring of splash Williams and adopted family dog Lucy, playful and energetic dog needs lots of love and attention only reason for putting him up for adoption is kids are at school all day and we are getting to old, it was a very hard choice and wasn't taken lightly. So tugger needs a forever home and loving family with a big garden and big hearts. 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Noah Williams Child

Noah Williams Child

He loooves Yellow :D his mother Rogan Williams taught him to express him self through words and and colours and Noah does, he speaks his mind and uses colour yellow in just about everything :D he is a great creative kid and is plenty active :D he would much rather spend his time with his family exploring and being creative with his family :) he loves hugs...he has to give everyone he knows a hug :D he even keeps zombies happy by playing hop scotch with them Born in Game CC FREE AND CAP FREE and ADORABLE :D 


Splash Williams

Splash is a great dane and got his name from being spotty and the kids called him splash because he looked like he had been splashed with paint, he is a great dog and is great with other pets :D his fave meal is duck and chicken :) he likes plenty of walks and loves to be surround by those he loves most. CC FREE CAP FREE and needs a loving home x 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Nia Connor Flash Mob Gift

Mediafire Link

Nia Connor want to be a well known designer mainly for clothes, she works part time as a teacher to earn extra money and also on her days off she will help out at the local consignment store.
She has an eye for sparkle and a glimmer of glammer to go with it, she designs her own clothes and also has a few client of her own that she styles, they are not big A Listers but they a foot in the right direction.
So her above pictures come from her very scrap book that she has put together quickly for her own profile.

Totally CC FREE and CAP FREE

Made as a flash mob gift but launcher declined her for the job :( but she will keep trying :D

i noticed i didnt add her formal dress picture