Sunday, 22 December 2013



Little old house with nothing going for it found a new owner and gave the old shabby house a new love let alone a new look, this little beauty had a new make over going for the shabby chic look through out the house being a cosy house for any couple to start out what will be the rest of their life's, this has an open ground floor with living room, diningroom kitchen and a seperate toilet, 1st floor we have another open floor with the master bedroom and office space and a seperate bathroom CCFREE 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Ella Crosby

Ella Crosby

Born to shine, her parents put her on the path to stardom and now Ella has high dreams of having her name up in big flashing lights right outside the theater's on every street, Help Ella follow her dream and make her the biggest name there is :D its showbiz baby :D lights camera ACTION!! CC FREE CAP FREE 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Harrison Newton

Harrison a well loved and well thought of, he has been married twice before and gave his heart to them both, they both died during child birth and hit Harrison hard that he lost not only 2 loves of his life but 4  he still goes to their graves and talks to them as if they were there with him. After their untimely deaths he built a business from the ground up and donated money whenever and wherever he could. 
But one day sat in his shop and it was busy as ever, it struck him....he wouldn't have anyone to pass down his wealth to or to keep the the blood flow going for years to come, when a woman he recognized as a valued customer asked him a fairly odd question and knew it would help him out to. Its was Edwina's mother asking him to take her daughters hand in marriage....but he said on one condition!! she gives me a child! and the settle was scored, Edwina didn't know the set up and once they were married and settled, he asked her to bare him a child and she would have everything.....but what she didn't know was, when the child turns 16 everything would belong to the child and the child could do as it pleases with it, leaving Edwina with nothing! 

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Edwina Newton

Edwina was brought up in a posh and rich family and had everything for nothing, but with her families high hopes and wanting her to do her best in everything, but it took its toll on Edwina and she ended up the local harlet, though she enjoy the money, then men and the nights out her parents got her back on her feet by Edwina kicking and dragging her heels demanding she was happy who she was but that didnt matter to her parent and soon they wed her off to a man twice her age and twice as rich. Edwina wasn't happy she couldn't and wouldn't love him and made him aware she was there for his money, though she will act the perfect wife at social parties and outings, when she is back home she will sleep in a separate room and eating in a different room!! not one glance would be made, till she learnt the Harrison only wanted a child, he presented her an offer he knew she wouldn't refuse....the words echoed in her head "bare me a child and you will have everything you want when i pass" 
Oh she smiled and became the perfect wife behind closed doors to, though it was killing her inside but knowing having a snotty nosed kid would give her everything she wanted, that brought a smile to her face. 

Newton Estate

Ground floor: 

First Floor: 
Master Bedroom 
Child's Room 
Child's Play room 

Lovely family estate with well kept gardens and home grown veg beautiful fountain and family pond and car park for one, Ground floor we have a family dining-room with a center fireplace, cosy kitchen and homely livingroom and the masters office room, 1st floor we have a master bedroom with family bathroom, lovely nursery and a child's sleeping room and separate toys play area. cc free cap free