Sunday, 15 December 2013

Harrison Newton

Harrison a well loved and well thought of, he has been married twice before and gave his heart to them both, they both died during child birth and hit Harrison hard that he lost not only 2 loves of his life but 4  he still goes to their graves and talks to them as if they were there with him. After their untimely deaths he built a business from the ground up and donated money whenever and wherever he could. 
But one day sat in his shop and it was busy as ever, it struck him....he wouldn't have anyone to pass down his wealth to or to keep the the blood flow going for years to come, when a woman he recognized as a valued customer asked him a fairly odd question and knew it would help him out to. Its was Edwina's mother asking him to take her daughters hand in marriage....but he said on one condition!! she gives me a child! and the settle was scored, Edwina didn't know the set up and once they were married and settled, he asked her to bare him a child and she would have everything.....but what she didn't know was, when the child turns 16 everything would belong to the child and the child could do as it pleases with it, leaving Edwina with nothing! 

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