Saturday, 24 May 2014

Rita Oxford



All outfits are from apart from one is from art-sims
Everyday outfit from circasim

Hair is from beaverhausenx
Skin is from kurasoberina
Lipgloss from sclub Lipstick N31

I can not remember the lenses

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Zenon Dilion

Zenon was born in game while his dad jasper was busy building and upgrading a new home for a buddy exchange :) Zenon Loves science and wants to find his other parent one day for more answers, Zenon lives with his girlfriend Drew loves nerdy things and going to see bands play at gigs :) CC FREE CASP FREE

Drew and Zenon

Zenon and Drew

Zenon and Drew have just moved in together, they met each other during Gigs that Drew was on and went on dates ever since, Drew is waiting for the day Zenon gets on one knee and Zenon is in search for his mother, and answers his father couldn't give him, but they both both share a passion for adventure and love everything and anything :) they are both madly in love and both look forward to the future they have started together CC FREE CAP FREE made for SciFiWarlock 

Drew Darby

Drew Darby (buddy gift)

Drew is an artistic down to earth bubbly sim, in her spare time she will be dancing or you will find her in her own zone drawing hows she feels about everyday life, she likes her art work to feel like everyone can relate to them, but her true love is music, she sings as much as she can even though gigs hard hard to come by and not many places take on the dark wave acts, she one day hopes to travel, she has never traveled and China has always taken her fancy CC FREE CAP FREE 


Maybank ~ Buddy Echange gift 
Maybank is a modern home for a couple or single adult, everything to fully upgraded, fully fitted kitchen with a baking station and cooking area and bar space, livingroom area with two modern caol fire places, and a massage chair for those long days at work, a relaxing diningroom and welcoming entrance. 1st floor has masterbedroom with wood burn fire, a silent study room with balcony, bathroom is all new fitted and upto date, and last floor is a Multi GYM with massage table and dance bar.