Monday, 31 March 2014

Neve Williams

Neve Williams Toddler

Born in game Father is Noah Williams and Mother is Fern Annan (Made by GreenCats) CC FREE CAP FREE

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Peter and gang

Peter, Wendy, Tink and Cpt Hook

Meet the characters of the well known tale of peter pan, an adventure about a boy who never grew up, Wendy received a visit from peter after losing his shadow, who take her to Neverland where an on going war between Peter's gang of rag-tag runaways and the evil captain hook is taking place, among them is a fairy battling to keep wendy away from peter so their own adventures will not include poor wendy but sadly her plans fail. CC FREE CAP FREE for a contest 



In Neverland no one grows old, we have A pirates bay with lost treasure bottles of nectar and a sleeping tent, we have Peter and lost boys hide out and sleeping quarters with trinkets they found along the way and also a tree house to keep watch of cpt hook, we have Pixie Hollow with fairy houses and pixie dust and enchanted bottles, then we have Mermaids Cove filled with shells and treasures from the bottom of the seas, Cowplant circle BE CAREFUL CC FREE CAP FREE 

Peter Pan

Peter Pan

The boy who wouldnt grow up! Peter is quick to point out how great he is such as when he congratulates him self for wendy's success of re-attaching his shadow, he is a selfish child and has a devil may care attitude and is cocky when it comes to danger, but yet has a strong sense for justice and quick to assist those in danger. He lives with the lost boy who he calls block heads on a little land called Neverland and Fights with an adult Captain hook who is not welcomed CC FREE CAP FREE


Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell lives in Pixie Hollow in Neverland with her beloved Peter Pan, Tinker Bell wants nothing more than to be loved by Peter Pan, but poor old tink is losing battle once Peter finds Wendy, Tinker Bell being so small and cant handle more than one emotion at a time get the lost boy to shoot arrows at Wendy but didnt impress peter at all, she loved the days when her and peter would go on adventures together, she is worried Wendy being around that, that may stop CC FREE CAP FREE 

Wendy Darling

Wendy Darling

Wendy is a adventurous girl who loves to dream and tell stories, At first she was afraid of growing because of her father but later came to look forward to it, While Wendy was in never land she would tell the lost boys stories as she loved making them up, but while she was there she didn't like the Tinker Bells jealousy towards her by pulling hair, When she left Neverland she would tell her two younger brother stories about Peter Pan, But her father had none of it and told her to grow up CC FREE 

Captain Hook

Captain James Hook

Captain Hook as he is known has a goal in Kill peter Pan and to become the richest pirate of the seven seas, and lives at Neverland!! he loves getting his own way, power and treasure and lots of it. H e hate Peter Pan and children in general. Cpt Hook is extremely intelligent and verbal, He is known as a menacing and cunning Villain but makes a fool of him self quite often...he has killed one of his crew just for singing. beware of this man.....CC FREE CAP FREE 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

William Twins

Libby Williams

Libby was born in game and is child of Rogan Williams and twin sister of Faith Williams, Libby was always wanting what her sister had, even though everyone was treated the same and had no more or less then any body else, libby was greedy and stole everything from her sister and turned everything into a challenge, her mother had enough and last few months she was sent to a peace and love school and came back a different person CC FREE CAP FREE


Faith Williams

Faith was born in game mother is Rogan Williams, Faith is also twin of Libby Williams and since being children they have tried to out do one another, but faith was more dramatic and more serious, She had a teen crush but her sister went to far and faiths heart was broken, her and her sister really dont get along, this one wants to be on stage and wants to be popular and be loved CC FREE CAP FREE 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Williams Landing

Welcome to William's Landing.

This house has took my simmie family along time to reach this point, Rogan worked from the ground upwards to this, she started with a tent and hunted for food to eat and trade, but thanks to help of her pets and growing family they all made it a home to be proud of.

The home is worked round the William's Favorite colours and passion for arts, gardening and collecting, The colours are as follows
Rogan likes brown
Pip likes Purple
Noah liked Yellow
Libby liked Grey
Faith Like Pink
So as you can tell the dining room is where it started separated in their colours, mainly because family spent alot of time there, with kids doing there home work or playing games and adults using laptops and they always had dinners together so its the heart of the place.
There's an arts room Pip loves his drawing and was passionate about guitars and was a great way to spend time with the kids as well as making a little extra cash.
Basement has a room for collectibles, its filled with gems and few metals at the moment as Rogan and Pip never stop to have a break so Noah has the wonderful job to go of collecting and filling it up and so do you, Below that we have a crafts room to put finishing touches to your outfit with sparkling earnings or a lovely statue to finish of the garden.
We have a Master bedroom made up with Leather wallpaper for main feature, and soft browns and creams to relax the room, and to be sure you can get to your crying baby on time the nursery is on the back of the master bedroom so no need to listen to a crying baby for long, it has everything you nee to keep them happy, with baby play mat, baby swing and a wash stand for those stinky nappies.
We have a double room with two single beds made with Pinks and Grey to keep it girly and also has ballet pole if you want to keep practicing even after you have grown up, its not just for kids now.
We have a family bathroom upstairs and again its kept to simple browns and easy to keep clean and tidy.
Garage has been converted into a all boys room, with own bathroom has gaming system and plenty bean bags for friends to sit, tv on wall (parents cant tell if you have tv on at night now)
Garden Plenty big for all you need, we have family BBQ area and seating for those summer nights, a lovely pound and greenery, place to plant your fruit and veg, front garden does have a parking space so all was not lost, a place to keep bikes for family outings and a dog house under the trees :D

Was a pleasure making this house and i am sure in time Noah may add to it :) Thank you for reading and for looking through pictures.


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