Tuesday, 18 March 2014

William Twins

Libby Williams

Libby was born in game and is child of Rogan Williams and twin sister of Faith Williams, Libby was always wanting what her sister had, even though everyone was treated the same and had no more or less then any body else, libby was greedy and stole everything from her sister and turned everything into a challenge, her mother had enough and last few months she was sent to a peace and love school and came back a different person CC FREE CAP FREE


Faith Williams

Faith was born in game mother is Rogan Williams, Faith is also twin of Libby Williams and since being children they have tried to out do one another, but faith was more dramatic and more serious, She had a teen crush but her sister went to far and faiths heart was broken, her and her sister really dont get along, this one wants to be on stage and wants to be popular and be loved CC FREE CAP FREE 

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