Monday, 13 January 2014

Frank Reddington

Franks past was a bit tough His father ended up in jail after killing his mum after sleeping around, Frank had to stay in a kids home and when he was 18 he was selling items door to door working long hours with little pay, one day his boss tipped him off the edge and Frank snapped his bosses last words were "your just like your father" Frank replied " worse" so he stood there looking down at the hands that killed his boss, he lifted his head to see his friend toni was stunned but helped him bury the boss, Frank warned Toni if he breathed a word of what happend that night he'd hunt down Toni's family and get them one buy one. Toni laughed Yeah frank sure you will, Frank and Toni actually came "business" partners with a hitch FRANK was the most wanted man alive HE WAS BLACKLISTED.
Frank watched a jazzed show from his VIP room and glanced at Nicole and made her his wife, he aint the one for saying it was love at first sight, but when he is alone with Nicole he is a different man, But his world was about to change again when Nicole was brought Home by one his men and he sat and listened to what had happened, He warned Nicole NOT to go to the police and that he will sort it him self, He had a word with Toni and Toni got the ball rolling telling him he has to leave and get the men to take him to roaring heights!! Toni would sort out a place for them to stay till Frank got sorted, Frank put Nicole in another car not wanting to be next to her after what happened and said he would meet her in roaring heights.
Soon as they settled Frank was doing what he does best and Nicole barley saw him, his love life is on the rocks and its only him self to blame, He moved to roaring heights for a new life but he sat back and saw Nicole was becoming a star and soon he would not be able to be part of her life if anyone found out he was her husband he be a gonner.


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