Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nanite Dome for Moonlight Falls

People in Moonlight falls was greeted by People from the future, the explained to the people of Moonlight falls how in the future witches, faires, werewolves and vampires were killed off, they then explain to a very angry mob that they have come to put things right, that they were sent there to change what will happened and in return they will receive a woodland filled with wondrous futuristic objects and plants, but one day when importing plants from the future Nanites escaped into moonlight falls causing the woodland to die, The people of Moonlight falls formed a plan, The witches and fairies would use there magic to form a dome over the woodland to keep the nanites at bay, and because they cant survive water they made a river surrounding it  the towns people sent the travellers packing and the dome became lost in its own rust and the nanites lived off the land and still kept spreading, they only thing keeping in there is the dome.


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