Saturday, 14 June 2014

Mya Woods

Natural Cook
Animal Lover

Music- Country
Food- Autumn Salad
Colour - Red

Skills (Havent been working on them but here they are)
Charisma LV2
Cooking LV5
Riding LV6
Guitar LV7
Handiness LV2
Painting LV4
Alchemy LV9

*******PREGNANT ON UPLOAD********Good luck

Mya Woods

Hello i am Mya, i am going to give you  brief details about me and hope that i will find away into one of your homes.

Lets start with a little bit of my childhood, theres really nothing good so i keep it short as i hate to bring it up.
My mum and Dad was never around really, my dad was always getting drunk and playing Gigs at local pubs, he was good from what i heard but never saw him perform. He soon got into some dodgy dealing and arguments was a frequent thing between my mum and him, but one night while they argued the cops showed up and that was the last i saw and heard of my dad.
I was only 5 going on 6 years old when my dad was taken from us, and my mother had two jobs so she wasnt around either, i use to get my self ready every morning and take the long journey to and from school every day, my mum was never there when i got back either so making my own meals was normal for me, though we would hardly have anything in.
My mum worked at a beauty salon by day and worked at  a 24hour Cafe by night cleaning and serving, she wasn't horrible to me but she never really saw me anyways, after my dad left she struggled paying rent and we got kicked out a few homes, it was hard being kicked to once place to another i didnt have any friends, and at school i was the one who would keep her self to her self, i got good grades but even then my mum never said or showed any emotions to me.
She got with another man that drank all day and wasn't nice to my mum, and one day coming home from school i found her on the bathroom floor ot breathing, i suppose it didnt faze me back then but even though i was never close, i miss her dearly.
Basically after that i was at the cop shop till they tracked down family members, and they found my grandmother who i never met or knew about.
My grandmother....what a wonderful woman she was, we never left each others side, she made sure i got to school gates safely and wore nice clothes and made sure i would have a nice warm meal at the end of the day. We spent our time painting and playing music in the garden while a fire burnt brightly, then as i got older she taught me tarrot card readings along with crystal ball readings :) i learnt she did this as a side job, but never did it round me, she made sure i was either asleep or at school, but anyways she taught me the tricks of the trade and now i do readings as a living.
We was at a park one day and saw a dog giving brith, could tell it was a stray, so my grandmother took her home and delivered the pups, sadly the mother died and we had to hand rear them, told me not to get attached as they will need homes, and so they got homes and i was at my happiest seeing them get the loving homes they needed. i never stop collecting strays and finding them new homes.
My graduation day came, it wasn't the happiest day of my life, my grandma was taken ill and later died in hospital, i wasnt there!! i blamed myself for years and i still do, if only i was there maybe she could of got help sooner.
But i took on hobbies like doing up motor bikes and collecting old ones, i recycle scrap and make them into new objects, i have been on many protests to save the planet and to make people go greener and i still try, i still bring in strays and rehome them, they help me through my days and its great having them in the garden when i see to my veg, but the horses like to nick my prize winning carrots, greedy beggers.
So yeah, i now have a cat called Bubbles and a horse called Cally and a parrot called Harry and currently writing this i am carrying one of my very own, so its going to get very busy for me.
Here is another one of my strays i helped rehome, his pictures on his space (download page) dont show up but he can be homed (downloaded)

I wouldnt change my life for anything, so this is me Mya Woods thank you for reading and taking your time.
I hope there's a place for me in your world.

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