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High Garden Asylum

High Garden Asylum

Once a busy body place of work and practice, patients were flooding in from simple depression or they came in from life turning them permanently insane!!
High Garden was having the best success with bringing people back to their former glory, but no sooner did their once cured patients come back worse off then they was when they fist came in, noticing patients were coming back, ratings fell and funds were at a bare minimal!
Dr.Valdimir came to the buildings rescue, no one had ever heard of him nor ever seen him around but that wasn't to bother them for long as all staff was fired and patients was locked away in their rooms and visitors was no more!
He set up on his own theater and made his own "medicine" he kicked out all male subjects and kept but 10 heavily pregnant women!! he fed them bread and water and took away all human rights they had, he no longer named them by their former names but gave them a number, he took a few weeks building a crazy mind melt machine that would and could change the human mind, he needed practice with the machine and one by one he picked at the women, not putting them asleep before the procedure their screams echoed in the halls, blood poured down their pale white faces running down their bone think cheeks, droplet after droplet hitting the cold stone floors filling the gaps where the rocks meet staining them dark red instantly, soon enough the screams would get quieter till suddenly they would stop, the machine was to much for any human brain and the women that was operated on was left to rot on an operating table for further testing, he was now down to 5 women barley able to stand.
Dr.Valdimir neglected the women even more, two women was left to go in labor but barley able to speak it was cut short and both women and children died, as days went by he came to remove the once happily mothers to be and ripped their still born from them to use and another tester, the mothers was burnt on an open fire and all remains blew in the wind and was set free from all the pain. The Doctor noticed that babies had a softer head and would be ideal for the machine, he took one and placed it on the chair that was adjusted for the height and started what he was set out to do, but with no luck the machine ripped through the head as it was far to soft, he noticed to had 5 more heavily pregnant women and with a bit of looking after he would soon have what he wanted.
Few years went by and he had him self two bouncing bubbly toddlers three was killed by their mothers either through their mental health or the fact they knew what he was doing. The mother of the two toddlers didn't even know of their existence any more with being drove mad and lost their mind one had scratched so much on the walls her finger bled and went down to the bone she laughed as she was setting her self free and later died and left in her room to rot! the other one starved her self to her end, she no longer knew how to speak get dressed or feed her self.
The other three women struggled to do anything and lost their worth being there and with the Doctor not having enough food to feed him self he killed but two of them and when it came to the third one, she ran and escaped the room running down the hall she went up to the next floor, the Doctor laughed and told her there was no escape, but she still went on going and grab what she could from the sides she went by and  she found her self in the baby room and fell to her knees, she noticed he had got his hands on two children from the other women and noticed the unusual scares of their small frail faces, she took scalpel and screamed "please for give me for what i am about to do" she took the children's life's as they slept, the screams was to much for her she grabbed them ran to the corner and told them "don't cry it will all be over soon i promise" the doctor found her in the darken corner of the room and ended her life in rage.

Dr.Valdimir opened his doors for the last time and was met by a mother of one of the women she asked questions "where is my daughter? how is my daughter? can i see my daughter?" But he replied with lies of how she died, the mother went grey walked away slowly and couldn't come to grips losing her daughter that has felt so distant the past few years while the doors were closed, she didn't ask why the garden was over flown by over grown by wild flowers/weeds or why no one access the building and why they wasn't any security on the out posts.
Soon after she came to learn she would never get no answers and would never get closure, no one (that was not a patient could enter the building still) one day walking home she picked up the news paper to find the head line that Dr.Valdimir was killed by one of his patients, she chuckled to her self as it stated "he ran for his life as the crazed insane patient followed" for all she knew the patients took over the run down building leaving it a place for them to stay, no one bothered to see what the state was of the place but this gave the mother comfort, she was able to access the grounds and remembering the days her and her daughter would spend days gardening and the laughs they had, so for peace of mind and to find comfort in her daughters death, she took her time and gave the garden the loving care it needed, she felt as though her daughter was their beside her and would talk along as if she was, and to give other parents comfort, she made a small grave yard for the remains she found.
High Garden Asylum is now run by patients them self and no one from the outside may enter, its now your job to help your patients.
The gardens well looked after and the building has everything your patients need and want, you can remove items to fit the challenge as i will.

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