Sunday, 15 September 2013

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Violet Springs

This grand house is set in the heart of moonlight falls and was built in 1891, this house is two stories with steep roof pitches and decorative railings, Inside the key features of this house is the two master bedrooms with the on suite bathrooms, formal dining room the a feature fireplace and glass cabinets, A cosy warm welcoming entrance with a delightful office situated near the stairs for you to attend to those never ending bills, there's and entertainment room to entertain your guest to the pleasant sounds of the family piano, also has an extra sitting room the follows on to the garden.

The garden offers seasonal flowers with arrange of colours, a historic bench neatly place under the ever growing trees, and while your there help your self to some home grown apples to be known to be the best in town, walk through the arches to the blue painted summer house filled with hand picked flowers, delicate hand made wicker chairs neatly painted with specially made flower pots for those plants that need the extra love and care through out the harshest of winters, going back outside we have a stone crafted chess table which will bring anyone hours of joy underneath the shade when you need it the most, along side is a tall sanded fence for that extra privacy with a hand made easel so that you can catch the beauty of the morning sunrise, few step away is a small hill that locates you to a bench place under the trees for a quiet place for you to be with your thoughts, and if you like your gardening don't worry there's a little patch for you to grow your necessary greens, and at the front is a little place for you to grab you mid day tea with a little dinner with either your friends or your loved ones which is place next to a stone crafted wall carefully planted flowers near the ever crying angel.

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